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The Bible’s Literature
and Legacy

Our for-credit online courses take high school students through the sweep of history to discover ancient Bible literature and its impact on modern ideas and works of art.

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Fully online multimedia course that adapts to varying schedules and learning styles


Viewpoint-neutral courses facilitated by certified teachers who provide content help and feedback

Why the Bible?

Constitutional Imprint

Constitutional Imprint

Ideas central to the Bible—love, faith, justice, hope, and unity—shape monumental texts like the U.S. Constitution. Understanding the Bible’s influence on the United State’s founding documents is key to understanding those writings.

Bible Light

Literary Legacy

Numerous writers, visual artists, and musicians have incorporated Bible references into their works. Understanding these allusions helps students understand some of the most consequential works of literature, art and music and their importance to culture and society.

Civic Impact

civic impact

Many of the values, stories, and images of the Bible have seeped into everyday language. Students will encounter them in movies, music, and conversation, and our courses help students understand these sayings when they hear them. In our public debates through US history, people have used Biblical language and concepts as a sort of “moral grammar,” making understanding the Bible’s ideas crucial to understanding the history of public debate in the United States.

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BibLit uses online, teacher-led, and viewpoint-neutral courses to help students discover the history, ideas, and cultural legacy of the Bible.

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