Student Enrollment Process

How Does it Work?

Many of our students are taking online courses for the first time when they come to BibLit either as a homeschooler or as a referral from one of our partner schools. If you have no prior experience with online learning, don’t worry. An Enrollment Specialist from our online learning partner, Village Virtual will communicate with you throughout, but here is an overview of the process:

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Register & Payment


Complete a course request on our registration page.

Private or Public School

For students associated with a district, charter or private school, the person listed as the contact under “School Approval” on the course request is contacted. Obtaining school approval guarantees that the course will be accepted for credit by the student’s school and added to the student’s transcript once the course is complete and a final grade is generated. In many cases, parents already have written approval from the student’s school and may simply share that with Village Virtual. Either way, we want to make sure our students are enrolling in the correct courses and that the schools are part of the support process for the learners.


Homeschool parents are contacted by an Enrollment Specialist directly as no approval of courses is required. We can include any umbrella organization in our weekly progress reporting and final grade reporting if the family so desires. Otherwise, the homeschool parent receives the information and reports whatever is required to the district, state, or umbrella organization as appropriate. Contact your state’s department of education or local school system for information regarding any specific homeschool policies applicable to your learners.


An Enrollment Specialist from Village Virtual will contact the school or parents for payment via the email listed on the Course Request.

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Check for Communication

Schools, students, and parents will receive an enrollment confirmation and welcome email immediately upon being enrolled in an online course and continue to receive emails from Village Virtual at least weekly throughout the duration of the course. Students or parents who do not receive this initial communication or fail to receive weekly progress reports should first check their email’s Spam or Junk folder and mark as “Not Spam” if communications are delivered there. If the communications are not in the Inbox, Spam or Junk folder, please contact a Support Specialist immediately. Email is a fundamental support tool for online learning, and they will help you resolve any issue you have receiving communications.