Bible Literature: Old Testament Ideas & Influence

This course examines the pervasive influence of the Bible on western culture and thought and examines the writings within the context of Ancient Near Eastern culture. It is a fascinating walk through time and the students may be surprised at how many modern ideas and works of art have their roots in these ancient texts.

Bible Literature: New Testament Ideas & Influence

It is important to grasp the origins of the Bible in order to understand its massive influence on history, art, and culture in American society and throughout the world. This course specifically examines the writings of the New Testament within the context of Ancient Near Eastern culture and provides a glimpse of some of the most enduring narratives of all time.

America’s First Freedom

This course surveys the meaning and value of the first 16 words of the First Amendment to the US Constitution—words that represent America’s First Freedom. It examines evidence for the belief that this freedom, religious freedom for all people, is essential for protecting human dignity, advancing human rights, promoting human flourishing, and preserving the freedoms we cherish.


America’s Liberty Textbook

A survey of the Bible’s Impact in America from the earliest colonies to the modern era.  This course explores how the Bible provides a reliable framework for promoting liberty, equality, and justice for all while honestly treating controversies and abuses from the Founding to the present.


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