Bible Literature: New Testament Ideas & Influence


It is important to grasp the origins of the Bible in order to understand its massive influence on history, art, and culture in American society and throughout the world. This course specifically examines the writings of the New Testament within the context of Ancient Near Eastern culture and provides a glimpse of some of the most enduring narratives of all time.

Course Content

Unit I: The Origin and Development of the Bible
Unit 2: Covenants of the Old Testament
Unit 3: The Second Temple and First Century Jerusalem
Unit 4: Gospel Narratives of Jesus’ Birth
Unit 5: Iconic Moments in the Synoptic Gospels: Part A – Judea and Galilee
Unit 6: Iconic Moments in the Synoptic Gospels: Part B – The Passion Narratives
Unit 7: Iconic Moments in the Gospel of John
Unit 8: The Book of Acts
Unit 9: Paul and the Epistles
Unit 10: The Book of Revelation