Bible Literature: Old Testament Ideas & Influence


This course examines the pervasive influence of the Bible on western culture and thought and examines the writings within the context of Ancient Near Eastern culture. It is a fascinating walk through time and the students may be surprised at how many modern ideas and works of art have their roots in these ancient texts.

Course Content

Unit 1: Origin, Translations, & Use of the Biblical Writings
Unit 2: Organization of Old Testament Writings, Cultural Context, and the Apocrypha
Unit 3: Genesis 1-11
Unit 4: Genesis 12-50
Unit 5: Exodus
Unit 6: The Law
Unit 7: The Promised Land
Unit 8: Governance of Israel
Unit 9: Poetic & Wisdom Literature
Unit 10: Israel’s Monarchies
Unit 11: Exile
Unit 12: The Apocrypha
Unit 13: The Intertestamental Period